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Website Customization

When organizing a website, you want to make the most of the content you have. It is best to break the content down into categories and pages. This allows the reader to find all that is needed without wasting time sorting though a pile of information.

According to Videospot Online Marketing, your homepage should be a table of content for the rest of your website. This was helpful information to me because I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted on my homepage. I now know that I need to draw my reader in with an idea of what can be found on my site. I need to display what I can offer to my viewers and convince them that I have what they want if they keep exploring my website. I should involve the readers by having links to blogs and social media. Once links to other websites are posted to the main page, the user becomes instantly connected to all of the many facets that they desire.

The article “Organizing Website Content” was also helpful in knowing how my website should be laid out. The writer said that a website should be like a restaurant menu. My content should be categorized and each category should have its own page. Each page should be easy to navigate to from the home page. My website should cater to a specific audience and the audience should find the information that they need easily. Ultimately, my website should display an easily navigational layout that is user friendly to all audiences.





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