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Access and Accessibility

It is becoming more obvious to me that there are people on the internet who cannot view web pages the way others might. Accessibility of a web page has grown in importance and necessity. People with disabilities or poor service needs a website to cater to their needs.

I plan to include certain functions in my website like those mentioned in the video, “Tips to Make your Website Accessible.” This video explained the importance of checking the website to see if it works without images and using supportive text with images. Simple navigation for those who use keyboards only are also important. Sometimes a video cannot be viewed, therefore it is good to include captions in the video content. For those who use screen readers, it is good to avoid audio playing automatically when entering the web page. It is also a good rule of thumb to avoid using “jargon” that the average reader might not understand.

Another great article I read gave some very helpful tips. It expanded on the fact that not all who use these features are disabled. In this day and age, everyone has a mobile device and not every web page is compatible with smaller devices. When creating a website, it is good to keep this in mind, especially if considered from a business standpoint. There have been times when I want to possibly purchase something from my phone, but the web page I am on won’t allow me. In those cases, I have to put it off until I’m at a desktop or skip the deal all together. It is better all around if the website can adjust to the different formats. In fact, according to the article, it is so much better that the accessible websites gain more audiences, have reduced maintenance costs, and have better search results.


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