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O la la Valentine’s Day!heart-clip-art-9i4py94ie Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? I mean yeah, to some people it’s a normal day, but hello? Discount candy the day after!

Tyler and I went out after my last class to Mirko Pasta for our Valentine’s dinner. I could carry on about how we celebrated one year together, but I won’t do that to ya. I will, however, rave about the food! My goodness, I could eat there every day! I love Italian, shoot, I live for Italian. Mirko’s specialty is pasta, and it is heavenly. The dinner menu essentially has three parts: pasta selection, sauce selection, and entrees already paired . I had the ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese with Mare sauce, which has mixed seafood and shellfish in a spicy tomato sauce. Tyler had ravioli stuffed with four Italian cheeses and Funghi sauce, which has wild mushroom, cream and parmesan. We also had AH-mazing desserts. I had butterfingers gelato and he had raspberry cheesecake.

So, if you are going out for dinner soon and can’t decide where to go, definitely give Mirko’s a try!


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