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Writing and Managing Email

A few things happened this past week in class and in the module! In class we started learning Photoshop and I plastered my face across Princess Leia’s! It is fun and if used correctly, it is a very handy tool.

In the module, I learned how to set up a filter on email. I thought this was very helpful knowledge! For a while I was looking for a job and I turned in my resume to many places online. My inbox is full of SPAM! Now that I have learned how to use filters, I can sort through that stuff. I also set up a filter for “CA 260” so I can be more aware of emails about this class. It was easy: I just used the drop down button on the search bar, typed the appropriate email addresses, and then I tagged “CA 260.”

I also learned about writing emails on a professional level. Well it was more of a refresher. In community college, My Comp 1 teacher drilled professional emailing in me. Nevertheless, the sources I read were very helpful. I particularly enjoyed the article, “The Downton Abbey Guide to Email Etiquette.” Maybe that is because I watched all six seasons of that show. It is so good, go watch it! However, the writer of the article was short and clear in each point he made. One thing he mentioned, and I have noticed it as well, it is never a good idea to use ALL CAPS in writing an email. Nobody likes to be yelled at, even in email. He also talked about rereading the email before you send it and try seeing it from the reciever’s point of view. This is a good idea because you may not think you are sending something mean or hurtful, but the reader may not agree.

Overall there were many helpful tips in the article.



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