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Content Management Systems

In my class module, the three content management systems discussed were: Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. I am using WordPress to write my blogs and I like this system a great deal. It is so easy to use and navigate.

I watched a video that basically introduced the idea of a CMS and he mentioned there are others besides the ones listed above. I am curious to know if there is a more favorable CMS than these three. However, I suppose if there was, it would have been mentioned with these.

I was under the impression that Drupal is the most popular and that made me wonder why. The process to install has apparently been simplified, even though it is still somewhat lengthy compared to WordPress. It also does not have the plugin and theme availability that Joomla has. When I read their about page, I noticed it was not as lengthy, or as detailed as the Joomla about page. That may not mean anything, but to me, it seemed that Joomla had more to offer.

Joomla has its problems too. It was stated in an article by Nitish Tiwari, that Joomla has the most confusing set up over Drupal and WordPress. I know that when I started my WordPress, it walked me through the process and I did not get hung up, or wonder which button I should press. However, according to Tiwari, Joomla has tons of menus and buttons, and the layout is a little confusing. That means someone like me would probably have a hard time getting anywhere with it. However, the Joomla about page repeated itself saying (basically) expert computer people would breeze through the set up and also have an easy time getting into the framework and changing it to look or do what they want.

WordPress is my favorite simply because I am blogging and I have no need to do anything complex. The layout is easy to read and installing was as simple has logging into Facebook. However, (it kills me they did this) WordPress put a link to Wikipedia in their about page! It says “For a bit more about WordPress’ history check out the WordPress Wikipedia page.” No, I do not want to read more information on Wikipedia. I read Wikipedia when I want to know how old Tanya Tucker is now. I want to read more information about a CMS on its official about page.

When it comes down to it, I would recommend Joomla to someone who is starting a business and wants to make a web page. I am not interested in Drupal at all. They did nothing to pull me in. WordPress is capable of handling a business page, but Joomla has better security and in the about page, it talked about why it would be great for businesses. It can be manipulated and changed to suit your needs. I know I said it can be confusing, but they do have support help and you can always hire someone to help you. I just feel that Joomla was designed for something of that nature.


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