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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is key to being well-known among your target audience. I watched a video that explained SEO very well. I understood what it was, but I did not know how it worked. I also now understand why it is important to tag my blogs when I post.

In creating my website, I plan to use tags as keywords that would cause my website to appear in a google or bing search. Keywords alone won’t make my site popular though. The title of my page would have to contain a common word that would be more likely to surface in a search. I know that if you use godaddy or a company like that to build a website, you can pay extra and they will cause your site to appear higher on a web search. I’m sure that is an example of being linked to a website that would make your site more likely to be searched.

I suppose there are disadvantages of SEO like, having too generic of a title or tags. Everyone that has a website is trying to be at the top. If the tags are too basic, then your site can be lost in the masses. Also, it is a lot of effort and work to try to become a popular search and work your way up the list of sites.


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