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Hey-o! My name is Julie McDaniel, I am 20 years old and this is my first blog! I actually love to read blogs. Usually I’m scrolling through Pinterest and I see the most appetizing version of baked chicken and I just have to read about it! I am forever reading food blogs, and of course, how to master the perfect beach curls. I think that blogs are great for this sort of thing. They are fun, useful and approachable. Anyone can use a blog to share their style or opinion or even their homemade chicken nuggets!

I am a major in Multimedia Journalism and I think that a blog would be a good way to connect with the public and relay information. Everyone reads something on the internet, more so than they read a newspaper. This platform is actually perfect to reach people!

I had a little trouble getting my page set up. Honestly, I am not a tech savvy person! This is a whole different side to the world I am used to seeing! However, these links are full of useful information and I will continue to use them!